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Heat Recovery


World market leader ThyssenUhde has developed Heat Recovery technology to the highest of standards in quality and competitiveness to the standard it stands at today. HRC technology stands for low production costs, high levels of competitiveness and environmental compatibility.

In contrast to conventional coking plants the HRC technology is based on the principle that the volatile constituents arising from the coal heat build-up are completely combusted in the coking ovens. This permits recuperation of the waste heat and as a result also production of electricity and domestic heat. The special processing and compacting of the coking coal and the long refining times at low temperatures as well as special logistics ensure maximum product quality. This was also confirmed by the DMT Laboratory in Essen: Coke of highest quality with low ash, sulphur and phosphorus content with high CR value and solidity and size.

Constant low pressure in the coking ovens and in the entire flue-gas system reduces harmful emissions significantly; Leakage emissions from dangerous materials are impossible owing to the process technology employed. As such the plant is more environmentally compatible than are conventional plants. A considerably simplified plant layout compared to the conventional process lowers investment costs significantly. After completion of the coking plant ThyssenUhde assumes comprehensive guarantees for the completed plant and the staff training program.In cooperation with ThyssenUhde, world market leader in the construction of coking plants, a new coking plant is under construction in Liepaja, Latvia.